Public part of my dotfiles.
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9 lines

  1. map FF :browse<C-M>gg/
  2. map à :set add next<C-M>a:set add end<C-M>
  3. map @ :set add next<C-M>a:set add end<C-M>:next<C-M>
  4. map ° D:browse<C-M>A:shuffle<C-M>:play<C-M>:playlist<C-M>
  5. set songformat {%a - %b: %t}|{%f}$E$R $H[$H%l$H]$H
  6. set libraryformat %n \| {%t}|{%f}$E$R $H[$H%l$H]$H
  7. set ignorecase
  8. set sort library