Public part of my dotfiles.
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- name: Create a etckeeper commit
command: "etckeeper commit 'automatrop {{ ansible_date_time.iso8601 }}'"
listen: "etc changed"
become: yes
register: etckeeper_commit
failed_when: "etckeeper_commit.rc != 0 and 'nothing to commit' not in etckeeper_commit.stdout"
changed_when: "'nothing to commit' not in etckeeper_commit.stdout"
- name: Restart chrony
name: chronyd
state: restarted
listen: chrony reconfigured
become: yes
- name: Reload systemd daemon
daemon_reload: yes
listen: systemd changed
become: yes
- name: Restart wpa_supplicant
name: "wpa_supplicant@{{ item }}"
state: restarted
become: yes
loop: "{{ ansible_interfaces }}"
when: "item.startswith('wl')"
listen: wpa_supplicant changed
# Could probably use something better like
# listing /sys/class/ieee80211/*/device/net/
- name: Warn about changed Wi-Fi setup
msg: "The Wi-Fi configuration was changed, but not applied to let this playbook finish. A reboot is required."
listen: wifi setup changed
- name: Warn about changed Panfrost config
msg: "The Panfrost display driver configuration was changed, but needs a reboot to be applied."
listen: panfrost config changed