Public part of my dotfiles.
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" Put plugins and dictionaries in this dir (also on Windows)
let vimDir = '$HOME/.cache/vim'
let &runtimepath.=','.vimDir
" let base16colorspace=256
" set termguicolors
" source $HOME/.config/vim/colorscheme.vim
" Some terminals requires a combination of the previous
" (the last one being setting the colorscheme to the exact theme in use),
" but it's a mess so I let you to figure out which one needs which
colorscheme base16-default-dark
" Keep undo history across sessions by storing it in a file
if has('persistent_undo')
let myUndoDir = expand(vimDir . '/undodir')
" Create dirs
call system('mkdir ' . vimDir)
call system('mkdir ' . myUndoDir)
let &undodir = myUndoDir
set undofile