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@ -154,6 +154,24 @@ If you want to force re-importing, run `rm last_updates/rapid7_*.txt`.
For the tracking list, use `./export_lists.sh`, the output will be in the `dist` forlder (please change the links before distributing them).
For other purposes, tinker with the `./export.py` program.
#### Explanations
Note that if you created an `explanations` folder at the root of the project, a file with a timestamp will be created in it.
It contains every rule in the database and the reason of their presence (i.e. their dependency).
This might be useful to track changes between runs.
Every rule has an associated tag with four components:
1. A number: the level of the rule (1 if it is a rule present in the `rules*` folders)
2. A letter: `F` if first-party, `M` if multi-party.
3. A letter: `D` if a dupplicate (e.g. `foo.bar.com` if `*.bar.com` is already a rule), `_` if not.
4. A number: the number of rules relying on this one
### Generate the index webpage
This is the one served on <https://hostfiles.frogeye.fr>.
Just run `./generate_index.py`.
### Everything
Once you've made sure every step runs fine, you can use `./eulaurarien.sh` to run every step consecutively.

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if [ -d explanations ]
./export.py --explain > "explanations/$(date -Isec).txt"