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Geoffrey Frogeye 3b6f7a58b3
Remove support for Rapid7
They changed their privacy / pricing model and as such I don't have
access to their massive DNS dataset anymore,
even after asking.

Since 2022-01-02, I put the list on freeze while looking for an alternative,
but couldn't find any.
To make the list update again with the remaining DNS sources I have,
I put the last version of the list generated with the Rapid7 dataset
as an input for subdomains, that will now get resolved with MassDNS.
2022-11-13 20:10:27 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 29cf72ae92 Fix most of the README being bold
Why did I go with this Markdown generator again?
2021-08-28 20:58:34 +02:00
Geoffrey Frogeye afd122f2ab
Update usage recommendations 2021-08-15 13:04:55 +02:00
Geoffrey Frogeye edf444cc28
Add and improve names of Japanese trackers
Closes #19

Names from
2021-08-14 22:55:58 +02:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 04205dd9fc
Add AdGuard in the distribution README 2020-12-06 23:18:27 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye c1619b3cff Add more sources and acknowledgement 2020-12-06 21:01:20 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye b09f861c27
README: Added more reasons the browsers trust first party 2020-01-11 13:01:51 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 9326dc6aca
Added similar projects 2020-01-11 11:43:14 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye b3a3219f93
Improved usage scenarios for different lists 2020-01-11 11:26:54 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 0724feed26
README: Removed help message and fixed category for finder 2020-01-06 16:44:45 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 708c53041e
Added two japanese trackers 2020-01-03 22:09:16 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 2b97ee4cb9
Better list output 2019-12-27 21:46:57 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye fd8bfee088
Improved -only variants descriptions 2019-12-27 15:58:20 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye a4a908955a
Added index webpage 2019-12-27 15:21:33 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye d66040a7b6
Added some litterature
Well not really litterature in the scientific term but still something
to read
2019-12-20 18:22:15 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 57e2919f25
Added information about CORS security issue 2019-12-20 17:58:53 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 94acd106da
2019-12-20 17:46:24 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 38cf532854
Updated README
Split in two actually (program and list).

Closes #3

Closes #1
Because I forgot to do it earlier.
2019-12-20 17:15:39 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye a0a2af281f Added possibility to add personal sources 2019-11-11 11:19:46 +01:00