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Geoffrey Frogeye 3dcccad39a
Black pass 2021-08-14 23:27:28 +02:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 53b14c6ffa
Removed TODO placeholders in commands description
It's better than nothing but not by that much
2019-12-19 08:07:01 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye aca5023c3f
Fixed scripting around 2019-12-18 13:01:32 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye d65107f849
Save dupplicates too
Maybe I won't publish them but this will help me for tracking trackers.
2019-12-17 14:10:41 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 7851b038f5
Reworked rule export 2019-12-17 13:30:24 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 03a4042238
Added level
Also fixed IP logic because this was real messed up
2019-12-16 09:31:29 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 4d966371b2
Workflow: SQL -> Tree
Welp. All that for this.
2019-12-15 15:56:26 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 269b8278b5
Worflow: Fixed rules counts 2019-12-13 18:36:08 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye ab7ef609dd
Workflow: Various optimisations and fixes
I forgot to close this one earlier, so:
Closes #7
2019-12-13 18:08:22 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 57416b6e2c
Workflow: POO and individual tables per types
Mostly for performances reasons.
First one to implement threading later.
Second one to speed up the dichotomy,
but it doesn't seem that much better so far.
2019-12-13 00:11:21 +01:00