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Geoffrey Frogeye c23004fbff
Separated DNS resolution from filtering
This effectively removes the parallelism of filtering,
which doubles the processing time (5->8 hours),
but this allows me to toy around with the performances of this step,
which I aim to improve drastically.
2019-12-02 19:03:08 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye 7d01d016a5 Can now use AdBlock lists for tracking matching
It's not very performant by itself, especially since pyre2 isn't
maintained nor really compilableinstallable anymore.

The performance seems to have decreased from 200 req/s to 0.2 req/s when
using 512 threads, and to 80 req/s using 64 req/s.
This might or might not be related,as the CPU doesn't seem to be the

I will probably add support for host-based rules, matching the
subdomains of such hosts (as for now there doesn't seem to be any other
pattern for first-party trackers than subdomains, and this would be a
very broad performace / compatibility with existing lists improvement),
and convert the AdBlock lists to this format, only keeping domains-only
2019-11-15 08:57:31 +01:00
Geoffrey Frogeye a0a2af281f Added possibility to add personal sources 2019-11-11 11:19:46 +01:00