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#!/usr/bin/env bash
source .env.default
source .env
function log() {
echo -e "\033[33m$@\033[0m"
log "Compiling nameservers…"
pv -f nameservers/*.list | ./ --ip4 | sort -u > temp/all_nameservers_ip4.list
log "Compiling subdomains…"
# Sort by last character to utilize the DNS server caching mechanism
# (not as efficient with massdns but it's almost free so why not)
pv -f subdomains/*.list | ./ --domain | rev | sort -u | rev > temp/all_subdomains.list
log "Resolving subdomain…"
date +%s > "last_updates/massdns.txt"
"$MASSDNS_BINARY" --output Snrql --hashmap-size "$MASSDNS_HASHMAP_SIZE" --resolvers temp/all_nameservers_ip4.list --outfile temp/all_resolved.txt temp/all_subdomains.list
log "Importing into database…"
[ $SINGLE_PROCESS -eq 1 ] && EXTRA_ARGS="--single-process"
pv -f temp/all_resolved.txt | ./ massdns --ip4-cache "$CACHE_SIZE" $EXTRA_ARGS