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2024-05-18 17:05:56 +02:00
common Re-add variants and reorganize things 2024-02-17 18:39:09 +01:00
curacao curacao: Reduce beesd load targets 2024-05-13 09:19:55 +02:00
hm 🎮 DualShock 4 (or is it?) love 2024-05-10 23:27:45 +02:00
nod nod: Fifth attempt at flakes 2024-01-16 23:48:41 +01:00
os No more port 2278 2024-05-18 17:05:56 +02:00
pindakaas Import some dependencies where they are needed 2024-03-26 16:18:17 +01:00
unprocessed 🎮 DualShock 4 (or is it?) love 2024-05-10 23:27:45 +02:00
.gitignore Fix OS scripts for flakes 2024-02-17 23:35:53 +01:00 Fix OS scripts for flakes 2024-02-17 23:35:53 +01:00
flake.lock Revert kernel upgrade 2024-05-11 00:09:53 +02:00
flake.nix Re-add itch 2024-05-10 17:31:33 +02:00 xlock: Add option 2024-03-09 18:22:51 +01:00
options.nix Remove nixGL 2024-03-26 16:49:09 +01:00 nod: Flake test 2024-01-16 22:39:29 +01:00

Geoffrey Frogeye's dotfiles

This repo holds most of my systems configuration. It is built on top of the Nix ecosystem

Directory structure

  • os, hm, nod: Re-usable configuration for NixOS, home-manager, Nix-on-Droid respectively
    • <module-name>: Module. Used to separate configuration in separate logical units.
      • default.nix: Entrypoint for that module. Contains Nix configuration for the module.
      • <other file>: Extra files: scripts to be installed, or ... whatever.
    • default.nix: Entrypoint for that system. Import all the modules.
    • <other file>: Files non-conforming to the structure above because I'm hurrying to have everything working before cleaning.
  • dk: Re-usable configuration for disko
    • <name>.nix: Partitionning scheme configuration. Don't assume a specific context, it will be imported as Disko and NixOS config.
  • options.nix: Definition of options exposed to all systems (even though if not relevant for all, it's for simplicity sake).
  • <profile-name> (e.g. curacao): Configurations for my different devices
    • options.nix: Common options configuration. Don't assume a specific context (for reasons unclear, I'm sure I can do something with that).
    • hardware.nix: NixOS configuration for that specific device.
    • dk.nix: Partitionning configuration. Import a top-level dk scheme, adding disks ids and other configuration required.
    • os.nix, hm.nix, nod.nix: Entrypoint for the device/system configuration. Imports the above files (last two only for NixOS) and contains configuration specific to this combination.
  • <profile-name>_<media> (e.g. pindakaas_sd): Alternate configuration for a device. Used to test a configuration without altering the "main" one.
    • options.nix: Same as above. Can be a symlink.
    • hardware.nix: Same as above. Should be a symlink.
    • dk.nix: Same as above. Should not be a symlink.
    • os.nix, hm.nix, nod.nix: Same as above. Should not be a symlink.


They all have a -h flag.


There's some things I'm not putting in this public repo: work-related things, and other sensitive things that probably shouldn't be public. Those are stored in extensions, i.e. repos with a similar structure to this one, and ultimately importing things from it. This is why you might see options not being seemingly used.