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Geoffrey Frogeye cc79262336
Bars! Well, good enough.
12 months ago
Zeal Before installing HDD 2 years ago
config Bars! Well, good enough. 12 months ago
termux Generate color scheme locally 1 year ago
.gitignore Added Debian to local installer 7 years ago
.gitmodules GnuPG: install my key 1 year ago
bash_logout Clear screen after logout 6 years ago
bash_profile ZSH 3 years ago
bashrc ZSH 3 years ago
face J'ai dit lul 7 years ago
profile ZSH 3 years ago
vimpcrc Python is the new bash 4 years ago
xsession Better usage of .xsession / .xinitrc I guess 1 year ago
zshenv ZSH 3 years ago