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Geoffrey Frogeye d9acf4ff93
Extensions load rcfiles
1 year ago
.gitignore Automatrop colors 2 years ago
ashuffle vdirsyncer 5 years ago
autorandrdefaultmenu rofi is bae 4 years ago
autorandrloadmenu More modifications 3 years ago
autorandrremovemenu rofi is bae 4 years ago
autorandrsavemenu rofi is bae 4 years ago
aw_start Misc 3 years ago
batteryNotify Long time, no commit, big ol' changes though 5 years ago
config.j2 Made i3 config a bit more flexible I guess 1 year ago
dmenu_cmd ouyeah 4 years ago
dmenu_run much config. such changes. wow 7 years ago
focus_windows i3: Always move cursor to focused window 3 years ago
lock Script changes! 2 years ago
lock.png From internship 5 years ago
lock.svg I like stripes better 6 years ago
multimediaKey Hiiiii 5 years ago
pitch.png Post crash 2 years ago
screentime Run black on all Python scripts! 2 years ago