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  Geoffrey Frogeye 8828d4cf24
Investigated >1% trackers from Fukuda paper 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 04205dd9fc
Add AdGuard in the distribution README 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye cec96b7e50
Add Fukuda & co research paper to test suite 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye eb1fcefd49
Use more correct terms 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 0ecb431728 Add AdGuard for multiparty 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye c1619b3cff Add more sources and acknowledgement 6 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 2c0286e36b
Add genieesspv.jp CNAME tracker 10 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 954bc86eaa
More Tracedock domains 10 months ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye b09f861c27
README: Added more reasons the browsers trust first party 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 9326dc6aca
Added similar projects 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye c803a714fa
I don't know how to write the word “explanation“... 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye b3a3219f93
Improved usage scenarios for different lists 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye fbc06f71bb
Added symlink to latest explaination 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 63ab7651fc
Disabled RDNS import due to #15 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 0724feed26
README: Removed help message and fixed category for finder 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye adb07417f5
Fixed import_rapid7 script typo 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 0cc18303fd
Re-import Rapid7 datasets when rules have been updated 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 708c53041e
Added two japanese trackers 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 808e36dde3
Improvements to subdomain collection 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 2b97ee4cb9
Better list output 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye fd8bfee088
Improved -only variants descriptions 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye e93807142c
Explanations folder 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye a4a908955a
Added index webpage 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 7e06e98808
Added TraceDock FP tracker 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 4fca68c6f0
Fixed handling of unknown field error 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 54a9c78534
Handled another error 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 171fa93873
Force pv output 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 095e51fad9
Ensure massdns output is lower case 1 year ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 883942ba55
Allow custom massdns path 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye d3b244f317
Forgot one dependency 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 018f6548ea
Fixed feed_dns not saving in single-threaded mode 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 0b9e2d0975
Validate also lower the case of domains 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 2bcf6cbbf7
Added SINGLE_PROCESS environment variable 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye b310ca2fc2
Clever pruning mechanism 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye bb9e6de62f
Profiling is now optional 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye c543e0eab6
Make multi-processing optional for feed_dns 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 195f41bd9f
Use smaller cache if it cannot allocate 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 0e7479e23e
Added handling for IPs too big 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 9f343ed296
Removed debug print 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye c65ae94892
Added ability to use Rapid7 API 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 7d1c1a1d54
Implement pruning 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 1a6e64da3d
Forgot numpy dependency 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye d66040a7b6
Added some litterature 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 57e2919f25
Added information about CORS security issue 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 94acd106da
Acknwoledgments 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 885d92dd77
Added LICENSE 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 8b7e538677
Updated links 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye cd46b39756
Merge branch 'newworkflow' 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 38cf532854
Updated README 2 years ago
  Geoffrey Frogeye 53b14c6ffa
Removed TODO placeholders in commands description 2 years ago